Immediate Loading

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Dr Andrea Bernardis

Dr Angelo Bernardis                                                  

The Graftless Technique makes maximum use of native bone without using bone grafts. Immediate loading is more predictable with this technique without the simultaneous use of bone augmentation techniques.

To make the most of the patient’s native bone, we use longer and Tilted implants to bypass bone grafts and noble structures, such as the maxillary sinus and the mental foramen. All techniques for immediate loading are explained in this book-Axial , Nasal, Pterygo Zygoma Implant





This book comes as a  need to write “black on white” our clinical experiences resulting from years of professional activity. We have created a Theoretical-Practical Guide, like an instruction manual, to approach and delve into the fantastic world of implantology, specifically Immediate Loading.

What will be described is the sum of many hours of study and careful compilation of current and past scientific articles, the 30-year experience and history as professionals in the field of Dentistry of our Authors Dr. Angelo Bernardis and Dr. Maria Caterina Capomolla, and the clinical, theoretical and practical experiences of us young Authors and Coauthors.

In the book, clinical cases from the simplest to complex cases are presented and Graftless techniques will be described to safely approach Immediate Loading with maximum predictability.

The book intends to take the reader by the hand by leading him “step-by-step” into this amazing world of implantology. The specialist will then be able to perform all kinds of procedures with predictability in all clinical situations. It is a synthesis of old and new implantology to develop precise, effective, easy and reproducible protocols in the treatment of the edentulous patient.

This will not be a one-way book but we will welcome interactive discussion with those who read us. We will try to resolve any doubts, help both parts in improving the knowledge useful to us in the profession.





Chapter 1 Surgical Anatomy of the Maxillary                                                                                             p 10

Chapter 2 Osseointegration and Immediate Loading                                                                               p 41

Chapter 3 Implant Choice and Implant Design                                                                                          p 49

Chapter 4 Implant Site Preparation and Immediate Loading                                                                p 63

Chapter 5 Patient Assessment, Surgical Instrumentation, and Implant Placement                          p 79

Chapter 6 Full Arch: Surgical and Prosthetic Factors Affecting Immediate Loading                       p 88 

Chapter 7 Full Arch of the Upper Maxillary                                                                                                p 102

Chapter 8 Surgical Stages of the Upper Maxillary F.A: Traditional Axial and Tilted Implants    p 123

Chapter 9 Surgical Stages in Full Arch Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implants                                      p 182

Chapter 10 Full Arch in the Mandible: Axial and Tilted Implants                                                        p 192

Chapter 11 Pharmacologic Care and Postoperative Home Recommendations                                 p 239

Bibliography                                                                                                                                               p 242


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